What is Rover Finance?

  • Rover Finance is a payment management protocol for salary processing, invoicing, and bookkeeping for crypto-native businesses.

Does the platform support both off-ramp and on-ramp payments?

  • Yes, Rover Finance supports both off-ramp and on-ramp payments.

Is there KYC for the employees who are getting paid?

  • Yes, every fiat payment received will require a KYC. Crypto payments need not require KYC.

How does bookkeeping work on the platform?

  • Bookkeeping is made easy by enabling the accounts team to get a download of the payments made to employees or to vendors from one place, instead of manually managing the same.

How does invoicing work on the platform?

  • Invoicing enables vendors to get a unique link where they can upload their invoices, do KYC and request payments (in crypto/fiat) using which the organization or the individual can make payments via the platform using Crypto.

How long does it take to get onboard on the platform?

  • On average, the onboarding process takes less than 15 minutes, from verification to making payments.
  • If the recipient is required to complete KYC for fiat transactions, it may take up to 24 hours. KYC-verified users typically receive payments in less than 10 minutes.

What are the platform fees on Rover Finance?

  • Rover Finance charges a platform fee of 1.5% for using its services.

What is the name of Rover Finance's token, and what is its utility?

  • Rover Finance's token is $ROVE, and we're excited to share that more details about its utility are on the way.

Where can I access Rover Finance?

  • Rover Finance is accessible globally, with a presence in over 140 countries.

Is there customer support available?